Dr. Palak Garg | AyuRythm – Ayurvedic Wellness at your Fingertips!

Dr. Palak Garg

An Ayurveda Expert with a modern take on the ancient Indian science. Deals with Chronic Problems.

Available Timings

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 3 PM – 6 PM

Available Packages

Living Easy with Ayurveda (Workshop)

1 Session | 40 minutes 

Learn the basics of ayurveda for a healthy life! (Dincharya, ritucharya, etc)

₹999/-  ₹899/-

 You save ₹100 (10%)

(Inclusive of all taxes)

Dealing with Menopause

2 Sessions | 20 minutes per session

Twice a week 

₹500/-  ₹450/-

You save ₹50 (10%)

250 per session (Inclusive of all taxes)