Do you feel that you don’t live life on your terms but you live it on your hormone’s terms? Of course but you are not the only one in this chaos. These hormones affect emotional threshold, thought processes, appetite & whatnot during uncertain Menstrual Cycle.

Women reported have high levels of well-being and self-esteem during the middle of the cycle. Their feelings of anxiety, hostility & depression are noticed before their period. Once women understand these monthly hormonal shifts, they can avoid becoming casualties to their hormones and begin to maximize their hormonal power.

Follow these to sync your Menstrual Cycle in a healthier way

Listen to your body to maximize fitness 

  • As a woman, one is always directed towards how she should cope with pain. But are you really doing yourself any favors when it comes to handling yourself?
  • As your hormones fluctuate, so can your energy and mood, which affects how your body may approach fitness. That’s why, according to the cycle syncing method, it may be beneficial to switch up your workouts based on your menstrual cycle and not focus on “pushing it” every step of the way.
  • Here’s a very general guideline of possible exercise intensities that may be beneficial during the hormone fluctuations around your cycle.

Sync your Menstrual Cycle through exercises

  1. Menstrual
  2. Light movements may be best.
  3. Follicular
  4. Try light cardio. Considering low hormones cause low stamina.
  5. Ovulation
  6. Opt for circuit, high-intensity exercises, as energy may be higher.
  7. Luteal

Doing light-to-moderate exercise may be best considering your body is preparing for another period cycle & energy levels might be low.

Sync your cycle through nutrition

At times food can be the medicine to address menstrual symptoms.

Oftentimes, women tend to eat the same foods on a regular basis to save time and frustration. But throughout the month it requires different nutritional and detoxifying food. Shaking up what we eat on a week-to-week basis is imperative to support our body cycle. Focus on eating whole foods throughout your cycle to help balance your hormones. Eating every 3 or 4 hours can also help you to manage blood sugar levels and avoid major chunks of mood swings.

Yet a lot of things depend upon what is your dosha because that curates what sort of body temperature and threshold you have. AyuRythm helps you know your dosha and suggests curated Dos & Don’ts to help you maintain the right balance of your body. This becomes half the job done post this all you need to do is follow the curated recommendations.