Ayurveda believes both the mind and body of a human are interlinked and any problem in the mind also affects the body. For instance, if the human mind is disturbed, the body reacts by changing the hormonal balance and the nervous system. So Ayurveda offers solutions to rectify doshas to improve emotional health as well as physical health.

Vata dosha and emotional health

Vata consists of the elements of air and wind, which is responsible for movements like the blood circulation or movement of nerve impulses in the brain, movement of waste particles from the body, breathing, etc. People with dominant Vata are highly creative versatile, and social.

People with Vata body type tend to be volatile as the wind. So, they have a lot of emotional highs and lows. They are prone to issues like fear and anxiety. They can feel depressed if they are left alone or feel the lack of love and care as they’re inherently social.

The emotional health of Vata dosha can be balanced by

Staying calm

Vata people should stay calm, relaxed, cheerful, and warm. They should be around people instead of becoming isolated. Vata can be controlled by staying committed to goals without giving any excuse.

Eating healthy food

The best food for Vata is warm, soupy meals and cold food, Frozen food, dried food, bitter and pungent-smelling food aggravates Vata.


The best exercise for Vata is indulging in activities that improve balance such as the tree pose or child poses. Also, meditation along with various heat treatments, steam bath and massages can help balance Vata.

“People with dominant Vata are highly creative versatile, and social”

Pitta dosha and emotional health

Pitta is characterized by fire and water elements. These people can be easily identified in a group as they are knowledgeable, sharp, quick, intense, and ambitious. They have clarity on any given situation and can judge what is right and what is wrong and this can land them into problems sometimes.

With these characteristics, they tend to be angry, less tolerant for slight deviation, and self-righteous. At the same time, these people get disturbed when faced with failure.

Pitta dosha can be balanced by following

Avoid arguments

Pitta Dosha can be controlled by practicing team sports, being cool, cultivating compassion for oneself and others too,  forgiving, appreciating others’ work, taking time to compliment (compliment?? Please check) their partner or team members, and spending time with nature.

Eating healthy food

The best foods for pitta are cooling foods like fruits, sweets and foods that are less spicy. One very important caution is – NEVER SKIP MEALS!


Practice yoga and exercises that promote humility and are cooling like forwarding bends, deep belly breathing, and side bends.

Kapha dosha and emotional health

Kapha consists of elements of earth and water. People under this category are amicable, loving, and they act as the building blocks of society. They’re actually very supportive, happy and contented people who do not like conflict or change.

Kapha people are possessive and attached to people or things or the past. They get deeply emotional due to stressed relationships or after losing their loved ones. They have inertia and lack the motivation to change situations.

The emotional health of Kapha dosha can be balanced by

Adapt to change

They should be very mindful of their tendency to hold on to a situation and adapt to change, One way for them to stay motivated is by reading books and listening to motivational speeches.

Eating healthy food

The best food for Kapha is spicy food and they should avoid sugars.


Surya Namaskara or Vinyasa Flow are the best ways to keep their body active.

“All the three Dosha’s have set of strengths and weaknesses and by being aware of the characteristics; one can make required changes to improve his/her health – in a holistic way”